Sri Lanka Day 3 & 4

Day 3 in the land of extreme Cricketers and things are getting better by the hour….

After a night in Negombo we were ready to set off for the rest of the REAL country. This sleepy little community was cute but we were keen to go and get amongst! With Jake holding onto his surfboards out the ‘door’ of a tuk tuk we set off for the local bus station to get to Colombo. Hilarious look and the locals loved it! I think the more cramped and stuff shoved into this cute little moving vehicles the more satisfaction they get from it? Anyway, the bus from Negombo to Colombo – although only 27km’s, was a short 1hour 45min. I cant really work out why it took so long because they absolutely hoove the buses and fly around cars like no tomorrow! Maybe they were taking us in circles? Anyway, I dropped Jake at the bus station with all our bags and set off again in a tuk tuk for the Vietnam Embassy…Here they were very unimpressed with my itinery to travel in and out of Vietnam across the borders so between broken English/Sri Lankan I have left my passport in the hands of the Vietnam embassy and hope that I will be granted my little visa for next month. On my tuk tuk back I suddenly realized I didn’t take note too much, of where I had left Jake….Slight problem and potentially large blonde moment. I paced in circles around A bus station for about 15 minutes before a man stopped me and asked where I was going. ‘To Galle’ I said. His happy chipper face said ‘Ah me too, follow me, this way Ma’am’. Then I dropped the bomb that I had lost my boyfriend with all bags also…Because I looked so lost (although Im SURE I would have found it eventually?!) he wanted to help me and find Jake. Half an hour later and a large sweat on, we found him and off we set following this man through the crowds of the massively epic bus station/bus suburb with all our bags. We sat on the bus and chatted for the next hour with this lovely man about Buddhism, Cricket (common topic!), New Zealand, Sri Lankan war, Food, Sari-wearing etc etc.  He asked for our numbers, wanted to take us back to his house in Galle, teach me how to wear local clothes and give me some of his mangos from his backyard! On arrival to our next ‘port’ where we changed buses to catch the apparently fast one down to Galle (2 hours South of Colombo) we stopped in for a quick snack before boarding. Here – we gave the man our large sum of money ($30) to get our tickets (when originally our bus was going to be $4 for both of us!) and well…after 30 minutes waiting for him he was not to be seen again…Lesson learnt, we are still fresh in this country and don’t drop your guard just yet! I think I am just on Bali mode where everyone is so super trusting and kind and truly want to help you, its easy to forget there are people out their with other motives!

Finally we set on our way to Galle which is an hour or two south of Colombo and arrived at our destination for the night after a big day of nothing! We parked up at a super cute little guest house called Hotel Weltevreden (2000Rs) in Galle Fort. The owner had me at first smile and after sussing a few places, we came back for his delicious chit chat and big fat belly. Galle Fort is literally straight out of a movie set! Or Europe? Super cute, blocked in by 4 huge walls , 3 of which face the sea, it is a Dutch settlement from the 17th Century. We had dinner just up the road at the Pedlers Inn and I demolished an awesome avocado salad which probs had about 3 Avo’s in it all for a mere $4! A nice change or addition to the Curry extravaganza that Im sure I will be eating most meals here.

Today Jake and I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and joined some fellow Sri Lankans of Galle in their morning run/exercise regime around the Fort walls. Some super pretty sights to be taken in here! Later we set off into town which is a short walk away through the Fort walls and went in search of some fresh fruit. 6 Mangos and 12 bananas later and I was one happy kiwi! (For under $2!) That afternoon we parused the Gem shops in the Fort and just hung out on the grassy mounds eating – my new favourite snack, Curry/Roti rolls. A quick message from my brother insisted that we went to Hikkaduwa – The town in which he desires to retire in! A quick google showed us it was only 30mins away on the bus so off we hopped down the road to a GORGEOUS beachside town. Golden sand, Turtles, beachside restaurants and still with a local charm to it, Hikkaduwa was what I had pictured my Sri-Lankan holiday to look like J As it is quiet season down on the south coast at the moment – the rains are about to arrive, there wernt too many people around and the locals seemed keen to chat to us whenever the opportunity arose! After watching the sunset to a Mango Lassi ,we stumbled upon an adorable ‘hole-in-the-wall’ type restaurant for dinner. 2 young guys were running the show and sorting our meals out for us…An awesome Kottu or 2, banana/chocolate Roti and some spicy egg roti thing, we were super full and stoked with our little trip to Hikkaduwa. On our way to the bus home…we just happened to fall into an amazing jewellery shop that housed the most amazing ring I have seen in a long time!!! At 8000Rs(approx. $65), this gorgeous Titanium Agate crystal ring if purchased, was about to make a large dint on my ‘$30 a day’ budget. I opted to think about it over-night, I got the guys card and have not yet called him but I cant stop thinking about it! I think a last minute mission down to Hikkaduwa on my last day might just be the cure for this one 🙂

An awesome time had in this little corner of Sri Lanka but it was time to keep on trekking. Mr Weltevreden had suggested we head further along the coast to a small surf spot – Midigama.


DSCF0474 Watermelon Man DSCF0472 DSCF0471 DSCF0469 DSCF0468


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